STM8001: Atom CPU Module

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Rugged, fanless design

Ultra low power consumption

High performance and flexibility

X86 software compatibility

Long embedded lifecycle support



CPU frequency from 1GHz to 1.7GHz                   

512-KB on-die L2 cache

Advanced power management

C0~C6 low power states

Onboard DDR2 memory up to 512M

Ultra low power integrated 3D graphics

High definition hardware video decode engine

Intel® High Definition Audio

LVDS display port

SDVO expansion port

8 high-speed USB 2.0 ports

Support up to 3 SD/MMC (with 1 MMC socket onboard)

Onboard PATA SSD from 2Gbyte to 4Gbyte or IDE interface support

Programmable watchdog

Two x1 PCI Express ports

LPC bus support

Onboard battery backed RTC

PS2 and keyboard interface

Scan Matrix keyboard support

2 UART interfaces

8 digital I/O ports


Single +5V power supply

Ultra low power consumption (Typical: 5W)

Operating temperature 0℃~+70(-40℃~+85 optional)

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