Pasic elements

  • High reliability

    Reliability is a prerequisite for embedded computers, industrial use and commercial computer also uses the biggest difference, SBS provides basic requirement is that the product MTBF> 20 million hours.

  • extended operating temperature

    SBS offers products to meet the requirements of industrial grade operating temperature (-25 ~ 75 ℃), special applications, SBS provides -45 ~ 85 ℃ operating temperature of the product.

  • Low-Power

    With the development of embedded computer technology, more powerful, lower power consumption is the constant pursuit of the goal (in fact often contradictory). Commercial PC and industrial PC in this contradictory choice will be exactly the opposite. The vast majority of embedded control applications, low-power standard, some even battery powered. In unmanned surveillance situations that require high performance, active cooling fan is prohibited.

  • SSD

    A typical embedded applications of the work environment, structure, power consumption, weight in all aspects of a very high demand, the conventional floppy disk, hard disk can not be fully applicable to this case. SBS offers a variety of solid state disk for this solution, including EPROM, Flash EPROM, NOVRAM, DiskOnChip, Compact-Flash Card and Flash IDE disk, Flash PCMCIA cards to suit different application requirements.

  • Embedded BIOS

    SBS products to meet the needs of embedded control within BIOS provides a number of special features beyond the standard PC BIOS, and even some user features may be added to the BIOS being.

  • Watchdog

    Embedded control products tend to work in unsupervised situations (on the facts is in place for the care of people), for power fluctuations, the occurrence of accidents caused by program exceptions must be under control. The watchdog function is in this case allows the system to re-enter the necessary procedural means to control.

  • serial console

    Embedded control application object is often no common PC monitor to reveal the program running, nor configure the input device is used to maintain the product in the program debugging. SBS provides various serial control console allows input and output embedded PC, the file can be obtained through the serial port on a simple control from the laptop. This method of debugging, troubleshooting, software upgrade is useful.

  • Operating System Support

    SBS embedded computer products support a variety of operating systems (VxWorks, Linux, Windows, DOS, QNX, pSOS etc.). SBS products on a variety of operating systems have the appropriate drivers, it allows users to complete their application development on the appropriate operating system platform.

  • Support various display

    In an embedded control device, CRT is a basic need, corresponding from the heavy use of a variety of flat panel displays. Different manufacturers of LCD, EL driver in different ways, giving users a lot of trouble. SBS offers a variety of display driver platforms, various display BIOS, including long drive program, even for the user to write a special display BIOS.

  • Extended flexible

    Embedded control applications target product may be different, but there must be a common part of embedded computer and therefore must have good scalability to meet different applications, embedded PC standard is in line with this feature.

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