Locomotive Monitoring System consists of the basic components
Monitoring host, the screen displays the status of the accident recorder, speed sensors, pressure sensors, the locomotive whistle recording interface device, GPS information receiving apparatus, bus expansion box, present / up switching device, flat tone signal interface box components.
  • high reliable touch screen

    high reliable touch screen, built-adaptive backlight brightness controller, ensure that the display in any environment uniform illumination

  • Select function

    Support two-way train vehicle bus (MVB) interface / two CAN interfaces, two isolated serial ports (485,422,267 optional), two Industrial Ethernet interfaces (M12 D-Code), two USB ports (M8) as a vehicle of communication and information transfer control provides a good function selection

  • recovery

    system equipped with high reliability and large capacity SSD can well guarantee the user's operating system and data security applications, along with the operating system and applications for emergency disaster recovery

  • Voice control

    System Built-in 2-way intelligent voice control circuitry using acoustic signal with voice output and user liaison; configured PS / 2, VGA, USB debugging interface, user-friendly debugging, upgrade applications

  • extended temperature

    The system uses a fanless design, equipped with thermostatic temperature control systems and controllers to ensure that the system can operate in a wide temperature range, extended temperature range support -40 ° C ~ + 70 ° C; supply voltage support DC24V, DC110V

  • Reinforcement Design

    The system uses the iron reinforcement design standard, EN50155 follow industry standards, meet IP65 / 54 protection index by industry-related electromagnetic compatibility and safety certification, with good mechanical properties, shock resistance, and good electromagnetic compatibility reliability. Time system MTBF> 100,000 hours

  • compatibility

    The system has good software compatibility: Support for multiple embedded operating systems and drivers SBS Linux, QNX, VxWorks, Windows, etc., user-friendly software system upgrades and rapid application development

  • reliable guarantee

    TVC series offers 8-10 year supply guarantee, ensure good maintainability and a long life cycle for long-term construction and maintenance of rail transit to provide a reliable guarantee

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